Credit Cards: Good or Nah?

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The current state of the U.S. economy has many of its citizens shifting from a free-spending dream to find themselves in a fiscal nightmare. Credit cards are evil! But is that really true?

The short answer: absolutely not! Credit cards are absolutely a viable method of making purchases that would otherwise require a significant amount of time for which to save. Aside from that, proper use of credit cards will provide a record to show that you are responsible with the funds that you have on hand, which provides access to more. True wealth always has more to do with access than ownership.

From Bankrate, here is a common sense list of ways to use your credit card(s) to boost your financial profile.

Obviously, no budget is impervious to the unexpected events that can occur in life. As a result, you may find yourself under a financial setback. For solutions designed to bring you back to fitness, contact GYK Consulting (link below) to get started.

Protect your credit. Protect your identity. Protect your family.

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