Equifax Operates Secret Credit Bureau


The Equifax breach affected millions of Americans. Since then, many have been diligently monitoring their credit, with credit monitoring services, spending more of their hard-earned money to protect their money.

Unfortunately, it was all for nothing. It has been revealed by security writer Brian Krebs wrote Wednesday that Equifax also operates a secondary credit bureau that’s affected by a major security vulnerability.

The institution is listed as The National Consumer Telecommunications and Utilities Exchange(NCTUE) it has been operating outside the big three credit bureaus that we typically hear about ( all of which have credit monitoring services) since 1997.

It was established by AT&T as a way to maintain records on payment and account history reported by telecommunications companies, cable providers, and utility companies. Members of the NCTUE include AT&T; the New York Data Exchange, which is partnered with Verizon; the California Utility Exchange; and Centralized Credit Check Systems, which has no web presence and operates in the shadows.

With credit being the foundation for obtaining vital services like electricity, water, and gas; credit monitoring isn’t enough.  Americans must be willing to protect their credit. Why would you trust the same credit companies that compromised the identities of millions of Americans? If you are smart, you wouldn’t.

Protect your credit. Protect your identity. Protect your family.

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